Client: MTR Crossrail
Campaign: Recruitment of Customer Service Staff for the Elizabeth Line
Locations: Between Shenford, Essex and West London

The Brief:
MTR Crossrail had made the decision that the customer service staff they wished to recruit would be different; friendly, focused on the passengers and happy to go the extra-mile to ensure that travellers had the most enjoyable and relaxing experience right across the Elizabeth Line. Our challenge was how to manifest this into an attraction campaign. We worked with HR and Communications and using some existing iconography devised a campaign that worked online, mobile and in print, as well as on direct resourcing tools like Poach Cards. The campaign led with the lines/questions “Love to Help?” and “Can you help?” and was expanded to a more full “Do you like helping people?” This generated significant numbers of applicants over a short timescale, in line with Crossrail’s brief.