WJP Floyd

16th March 2020


Statement of measures relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

For the duration of the current Coronavirus outbreak the primary focus and aim of the business is:

  • to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all staff and visitors to company premises; and
  • to ensure services continue to be delivered to customers without interruption to the highest possible standards

The Company has, to the best of its ability been taking measures to provide for all eventualities. At the same time the nature, scale and concern relating to Coronavirus is constantly changing and the threat appears to be growing on a daily basis. The government has described the outbreak as an “increasingly significant threat” with a currently “moderate risk level” – but with this status excepted to rapidly change.

The reality is the plans and measures we have in place will remain under constant review as the situation itself inevitably changes. The Company will remain vigilant to any developments and adapt accordingly.

The Company has a general company disaster recovery plan should anything happen that may prevent us from operating from any of our premises throughout the UK and (alongside the new specific measures to meet the challenges of this outbreak), elements of this will apply should Coronavirus prevent the physical presence of our staff in any location, or a decision is taken that staff should work from home.


Hygiene measures

We are doing all we can to stop the spread of Coronavirus through preventative hygiene and are following advice of scientists and health authorities in advising staff that they regularly wash hands with soap and warm water and have provided hand sanitizer in wash rooms. The Company has ensured it has sufficient stocks of this to last through a prolonged period.  Staff are also aware they should keep a suitable distance from those who have symptoms or avoid unnecessary close contact at all.

We are supporting this by:

  • Advising or requiring members of staff with suspected symptoms to stay at home and self isolate for periods outlined by government health advisers
  • Increasing inspections of toilet and wash areas to ensure they are clean, maintained and well stocked with the recommended soap and hand sanitizer at all times
  • Reducing the number and frequency of physical meetings, contact and business travel to an absolute minimum and only where absolutely essential
  • Having in place plans to enable staff to work from home should the position deteriorate further to ensure staff health & safety is protected and provide continuity of service to customers.


Technical measures to enable remote working and ensure backup

  • Data is stored on virtual servers and backed up daily using a Veeam solution which, in the event of disruption enables whole severs to be restored without the requirement that they are rebuilt from scratch.
  • The Veeam solution is kept out of the company network for added security, with the daily backups further backed up onto tape each weekend and taken offsite. If the company exchange server is disrupted the emails can be accessed through a third party email filtering company temporally until the server is restored.
  • The company has a backup internet line in London if the main connection goes down, with the backup line coming from an alternative BT exchange.
  • If telephone landlines are compromised then the lines will be diverted to mobiles or to another group company office.
  • Key staff are equipped with laptops to enable remote working from home should the need arise or from alternative company office sites situated throughout the UK to ensure continuity of services.
  • Further provision of laptops and other essential equipment may be made in the eventuality all staff may be required to work remotely
  • The Company has software on all office computers to enable all staff to remotely log in and work from home should the necessity arise



Throughout this period, we will continue to be relentlessly focused on doing everything we can to maintain the health safety and wellbeing of our staff while at the same time ensuring services continue to be provided to our customers to the highest possible standards.

Our offices are currently fully functional with contact details remaining as normal. If this position changes we will be advising you of this.